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Interview with Joecifur

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2007, 7:08 AM
:twocents: Mel Babbles & Journal Updates

:heart::heart: We're Making Progress! (A FotoFriday CONTEST!) FotoFriday is celebrating it's birthday here on deviant art. What better way to throw a party then to do in a contest? Take a gander and check out the prizes then go go go and write! :)
:new: FOTOFRIDAY! Dark or light, which path will you choose for this Fotofriday challenge?

:blush: :heart: I'm going to make no bones about it. I am outright asking for a donation of a Deviant Art Premium Prints account,  I know it's begging,  and I'm very sorry to have to bother all of you with it.

My reasoning is that, I would like to be able to have more control over my beginner's collection and quality of prints and the ability to start helping  saving money for something very important to my husband and I.

I feel that I can't really do that without starting off with the right tools, here. And one of those tools is a Deviant Art Premium Prints account.

Again, I'm very sorry for taking up this journal space with this and I thank you for taking the time to read. :heart:

  :spotlight-left: Interview with joecifur  :spotlight-right:

:? Pinkatron2000 Do you remember the very first thing you made which started you on the path to fur suiting/costuming, and if so, what was it, why did you make that specifically, and did you still own it?

:shoutbox: joecifur When I was in college, I was determined to win a costume contest at a convention. So I made a "fursuit" of Kimahri, the big blue lion-looking dude from Final Fantasy X, the game. I didn't even know how to sew. All of the fur was hot glued, in little chunks, onto a shirt and a pair of pants. Part of it was stapled; I actually used a staple gun all over it. I made the head out of model magic. The whole thing fell apart like a week later. I eventually threw it away. It was pretty awful!

  :? Pinkatron2000   What’s the one thing you love about costuming that makes it worthwhile for you?

  :shoutbox: joecifur Seriously, I never get tired of running into photos, videos, stories of people wearing things I've made for them. It's such a simultaneously weird and cool feeling. You can't forget actually performing, either. Volunteer gigs are always so grateful for your help, and it really tickles me how nutty little kids will get when they see a mascot. I love it.

  :? Pinkatron2000 Have you had to deal with a lot of horrid attitudes and misconceptions due to your fur suiting and costuming? If so, what would you tell people to get them to stop being asshats about it?

  :shoutbox: joecifur One of the big rules is that you should never, ever go anywhere without a spotter. It's for a good reason. You -will- probably eventually be harassed, assaulted, pushed over, something like that. Not by children; it's always grown men who think they're being cute. It's just something you have to plan for.
As for misconceptions, I guess people will have misconceptions about any given group. Furries, and especially fursuiters, are definitely no exception. It's out there, but I don't personally get a lot of it; I don't really have time for it. People are either interested in knowing what I'm really about or they aren't!

  :? Pinkatron2000  If you could tell every single fellow artist in your chosen niche one single thing which you feel is of great importance, what would it be?

  :shoutbox: joecifur Good results don't magically appear. At some point you've just got to leave the tutorials behind, say 'oh what the hell' and just try something and see if it works. Don't just wait for answers; make something, then learn from your mistakes. Then hide your mistakes and quietly throw them away when no one is looking.

  :? Pinkatron2000   Last question and a simple one at that! How do you inspire yourself to keep going when the commissions pile up?

  :shoutbox: joecifur Believe me, it can get pretty hard. Really hard. Really, really hard. I guess I just really love doing it. Beyond that, there's not much Starbucks, Judge Judy and twenty minutes of whining to my partner can't fix. :)

:thumb57221909: paladin tunic link by joecifur

:monitor: Digital Art > Painting and Airbrushing > Fantasy

:star: feliciacano has some thrilling pieces uploaded within her gallery for us to peek at. A lot of her current gallery has illustrations for Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game, and of course, my favorite--fantasy characters! That shouldn't stop you from visiting! The stories in these images are vibrant and memorable. I can't wait to see more from her!

:pencil: Literature & Resources

:star: WordCount is a community attempting to present prose in a far less intimidating manner by organizing writing by their word counts. It is their hope that they can entice more deviants to spend a little time reading some amazing works of written art. I think they're just rad and kickin'--what, you don't know about WordCount ? Well you are missing out!

:star: fotoFRIDAY is a community for poetry and writing inspiration! Offering some of the juiciest images to writers and poets of deviant art to get their groove on with, it's a resource and tool that can help you beat that block, or maybe you just need a little visual nudge? Even if you don't write, but love to read, you can find a new meaning to "a picture's worth a thousand words!"

fotoFRIDAY's current challenge balances precariously on the light and dark side. Sure, the dark side has cookies, but the light side has cheesecake. Which side will seduce you? Which Way?, with image Follow me by gltvisualart

:star: In my journey of writing I have realized that I've got pretty much everything wrong. From punctuation to sentence structure to comma splicing to what-the-hell-is-meter? If you are like me in the tiniest bit, then you're confused as fuck. secondmagpie and GeneratingHype were kind enough to give me links to places here on deviant art that will help, maybe they'll help you too?

Do you know of more here on deviant art? Feel free to link me in journal comments or send a note!

:heart: Misc of outstanding ass-kicking!

:star: I love color. I love color in everything, including my desktop and my whosits, widgets and especially skins for them. I'm always idly browsing through the winamp skins here at deviant art hoping to find that delicious splash of color that's not relying on a heavy dark/black background to make it pop. Call me picky, or call me a chocolat mint lover--but sinan's Eve 1.01 Winamp skin does that for me. It's so shiiiny!

Get interviewed, get featured!

:pointr: Every Monday, I would like to feature an interview with a fellow deviant. A writer, a painter, a digital artist, a photographer, and any other artistic type found within D.A! Who'll be the next? Maybe you? Send me a note or comment to this journal to get your famous on!

:pointr: Do you know of an artist who needs a little recognition? Someone you want to world to know about, or maybe a kick ass artist just starting out on D.A? Note me, or comment to this journal with a link to their gallery! I'd love to take a look and maybe even feature them on my journal!

Stamps so rad they melt your face!

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GeneratingHype Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
Hehe. :+fav:.
Pinkatron2000 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007  Student General Artist
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That was a funny interview. Good questions!
Pinkatron2000 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Student General Artist
Thank you very much, couldn't have done it without *joecifur's help!
AnnikaAstra Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome..I always love reading interviews with/by other deviants. There's such a great + diverse mix of people in this site =) I'm forever intruiged.

I'm actually using that winamp skin you featured :lol: I got all excited..."Haha, I have that!"
Pinkatron2000 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Student General Artist
Thanks! I've been having a blast with these short interviews, everyone's been so good as to let me bother them! Deviant Art has so many great people, I hope to feature as many as I can!

That skin is great! A little color is such a breath of fresh air in the black/grey styles out there now-a-days!
AnnikaAstra Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Agree, on both accounts =D
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